Monday, March 18, 2013

ViaSat celebrates first year anniversary of Exede Satellite Internet Service

ViaSat, a leading operator of pay television, recently marked Exede satellite Internet’s first year of service. Due to the high and consistent performance of Exede residential broadband service, it now has more than 285,000 subscribers on ViaSat-1 in its first year of operation.

The ViaSat-1 satellite, officially recognized as the highest capacity communications satellite in the world with a Guinness title, powers the Exede satellite Internet service. Revolutionizing the current trend in Internet options, Exede has already surpassed other ISPs in providing promised Internet speeds to subscribers. As proof, 90 percent of Exede subscribers are receiving 140 percent or better of the advertised 12Mbps speed during peak periods. Additionally, 40 percent of new Exede subscribers now prefer this satellite service over other alternatives, like cable, DSL and mobile wireless for fixed home use.

In a company statement, ViaSat chairman and CEO Mark Dankberg noted: “Our results prove that driving down the cost of bandwidth can make satellite a better choice than slower terrestrial alternatives. The market success of ViaSat-1 strengthens our commitment to delivering a series of new satellites that push the boundaries of what’s possible in satellite broadband across a broad range of market opportunities.”

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